Rheannon Rice and Camille Smith have joined forces to bring you the finest in student filmmaking.

Our work spans three years of friendly collaboration and jollies, ranging from The Evergreen State College program assignments to community-based "exquisite corpse" videos and beyond!

We are coming up with new things to do every day, so remain vigilant and watch for opportunities to help out and have a great time. Feel free to contact us with your feedback and/or project ideas!

Apr 12

This is a short animation project that we made in the winter featuring little demons dancing to a funky beat by Camille and Rheannon!

Spring Quarter Overview

Train Animation: Title Pending

During spring quarter 2012, we will be animating two 1900’s-era steam trains travelling across two regions in the western United States.  One train will be coming from the North, carrying logging freight and passing through a northwestern-coastal landscape.  The other train will be a passenger train coming from the South and traversing a southwestern-coastal landscape.  The two trains will ultimately meet at a train station in the Bay Area.

This animation will be about two minutes long.  It will be done in traditional 2-D hand-drawn animation format using pen and ink and acrylic paint.  The landscapes will be bold, colorful paintings and the trains and characters will be mostly drawn in black and white.  We would like to use audio in such a way that it supports the weight and rhythm of the trains in action as well as demonstrates the expansiveness of moving through a landscape.  The audio should be innovative and exciting as it captures the mechanisms and impact of the trains while also feeding the atmospheric qualities of the setting— for example, we are interested in beginning the animation with drum beats and wind instruments that mimic the sound of a passing train and that gradually morph into actual recorded locomotive and field sounds when the train enters the scene.

We have researched the history of steam locomotives in the United States.  Our animation idea is based off of specific railways, routes and locations that we feel are historically significant and deepen the content of our animation.  We are inspired by the romanticism spurred by the transcontinental railroads and the ability for people to travel to these obscure and untouched places for the first time.  We feel that the contrast between the northwestern landscape and the southwestern landscape illustrates the diversity of natural spaces that the United States had to offer its new visitors.  Stylistically, we are interested in portraying the unnatural intricacy of man-made steam locomotives moving through sweeping landscapes.  We find it fascinating that what was said to be the “closing” of the wild American frontier was also the beginning of new economic and societal growth for the Western world.

Mar 26

Ouroboros from Trampolini Productions on Vimeo.

This is our finished cut of “Ouroboros.”

Thanks go to Milo McManus for the audio, Mathias Bartlett for the media equipment, and all of those people who helped out last quarter in the CCAM, even though we couldn’t use any of that footage: Tess Smith, Phoebe Moore, Isaac Goodfellow, Sasha “SevZogg, Sam Palmer, Stephanie Blair and the CCAM crew.

Feb 15